W-Stop: a smart wireless backfire preventing system developed for the Electric Arc Furnace.

31 May 2021

By installing specific sensors inside the arc furnace, accidental damage due to backfiring oxygen or fuel can be prevented.
In fact, the W-Stop transmitters placed next to the injectors communicate continuously with the W-Stop receiver to monitor the copper front faces and automatically shut the injectors down in case of backfire.

Our W-Stop system brings numerous long-term benefits such as:

  • eliminated wiring and cabling;
  • increased lifetime of injectors tips, copper blocks and water cooled panels;
  • added safety by reducing water leakages inside the EAF;
  • reduced OPEX costs.

All transmitters and electronic units are installed inside an easy-to-open water-cooled box to facilitate the access to the wirings. Also, a dedicated app has been developed to facilitate the W-Stop system configuration.