MORE responds to the needs of design, manufacture and supply of technological packages for the steel industry, promoting both the improvement and the optimization of steelmaking processes.


By establishing a partnership with the customers, MORE intends to stimulate the best solutions that technology and research allow. The relationship with the customer and the technological skills are the keys to success. For more than 30 years we have been helping to drive the steel making industry by proposing a tailor-made technological innovation that draws its essence from field presence, know-how and cooperating with technicians alongside technicians.


MORE – in defining market policies – has established its own scale of values that indicates and orders the priorities followed in the design, manufacture and supply of the products.

The first element considered is the safety of the products supplied; such security must be guaranteed despite the problems that may arise for the conditioning generated by the relevant regulations in the various countries, often very different from each other. It is also taken into account that in each country there are structured customers under the aspect of security management, who perform a study of their needs in close collaboration with MORE and others that – after having exposed the problem – entrust the technical choice to MORE.

As regards the products sold, MORE undertakes to comply with the requirements of the directives in force in the destination countries concerning its products.

The second element in order of importance concerns the environmental impact in the use of MORE technologies. In this context, the company commits itself, in a constant and in-depth manner, to the research and development of its technology to best meet these needs.
The third aspect in our scale is the productivity of the meltshop, where the technologies are applied. This subject is of fundamental importance within MORE, provided that the same is guaranteed for compliance with safety and environmental impact requirements.