MORE pneumatic lime injection at CELSA OSTROWIEC

15 July 2020

MORE received an order from CELSA Poland located in Ostrowiec to supply a new sidewall lime injection system for their 150 t (165 st) EBT electric arc furnace.
The steel plant in Ostrowiec manufactures long and forged products and it belongs to the CELSA Group which is largest producer of long products in Spain and one of the main European producers.

The order includes: two L-ONE sidewall injectors (burner, lime lance) to be installed inside CNC copper bulged blocks, two MOLI dispensers for pneumatic lime transportation with a capacity of 3000 liters (793 gal) each, new oxygen – natural gas valve stands that complies with the latest PED and ATEX requirements, one EBT-SAND for remote filling of the EBT channel after tapping and a new PLC automation cabinet to manage the new MORE package.

The installation of the lime injection system shall generate a much cleaner shop environment. As a result, dusty discharging bin practices and the use of maintenance demanding conveyor belts can be reduced. Moreover, it will enhance the slag foaming practice which shall lead to improvements in process control, increased productivity, consequently reducing transformation costs.

The commissioning is scheduled to take place in the first quarter of 2021.
CELSA has given an order to MORE as it is an experienced contractor, which scorecard of more than 100 lime pneumatic injection systems in operation or under manufacturing worldwide.