Finkl Steel successfully starts up sidewall injection system

15 July 2019

Finkl Steel, a company belonging to the SCHMOLZ+BICKENBACH group and located in Chicago (USA) successfully started operations with new MORE chemical energy package on their 110t EAF. Finkl Steel is a leading supplier of die forging steels, plastic mould steels, die casting tool steels, alloy bars and custom open-die forgings.

MORE was awarded a contract to replace the existing chemical energy system with innovative M-ONE sidewall injectors for the combined supersonic oxygen/carbon injection (installed on CNC machined copper bulged blocks) pneumatic lime and aluminium injection system.
Excellent results have been achieved in a very short time, EAF operations have improved in terms of both productivity and overall process control, cutting electric energy usage and power-on times.
This project reconfirms MORE as a reliable and innovative manufacturer of equipment needed in the steelmaking industry. MORE currently has a pool of 180 EAFs equipped with MORE side wall injectors and 90 lime/dolo-lime pneumatic transportation/injection systems in operation or under manufacturing world-wide.