Wastes injection technology installed at Tenaris Silcotub

20 April 2022

We recently installed a dedicated Wastes Injection Technology complete of dispenser and material handling system into an 100-ton EAF for TENARIS SILCOTUB in Calarasi (Romania) as part of RETROFEED, EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

To reduce the CO2 footprint, such system injects recycled polymers and plastic into the EAF as an alternative to fossil carbon sources (coal, coke, pet coke) for slag foaming.
Moreover, thanks to the versatility of the injection system other granular and powdery wastes such as (sludges, scales, EAF dust, etc) will be furthermore injected with the aim to create a more sustainable circular economy.
The package installed consists of a MOCA dispenser for the pneumatic transportation of the material (polymers, plastics, sludges, etc) in the EAF and the equipment for the automatic mix of different materials from two separate day-bins before the dispenser.
The injection is made through a multifunctional L-ONE injector installed in a CNC copper block located in the EAF upper shell.
The successful operations of our PIT (Plastic Injection Technology) now available in several meltshops world-wide are no longer to be considered a trial; instead, it has now become a standard procedure.
The PIT technology contributes to meet the current climate targets and to implement the company’s strategy for ‘green steelmaking’.