Re-carburization injection system

22 March 2024

An Italian minimill, has successfully commissioned a new pneumatic re-carburization injection system for ladle furnaces.

The system can now pneumatically inject carburizing material into LFs, precisely adjusting the carbon content in the liquid steel replacing manual loading with bags. The package supplied by MORE includes:

  • Bin with 1.8m³ capacity loaded with Big Bags, a complete bag-braking system, and a rotovalve to feed the storage silo.
  • Storage silo with 17m³ capacity, equipped with state-of-the-art safety devices to fulfill ATEX requirements.
  • Pressurized dispenser with 1.6m³ capacity for the pneumatic injection of the material into the LF through a rotary cell valve to withstand non-uniform granulometry of the material.
  • Transportation line including pipes, hoses, and wear-resistant curves.
  • Dedicated PLC unit for complete process automation.


  • Carburizing material pneumatically injected into the liquid metal
  • High material yield
  • Precise injection quantity [± 2 Kg]
  • Remote operation from LF control room
  • Improved operator health and safety
  • Automatic data storage in Level 2 automation system of injected quantity

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