pneumatic lime/dololime injection system


The MOLI pneumatic injection system has been conceived to satisfy the flux metallurgical demand for steelmaking processes with precise flow control and transport air optimization.

Lime injection is a valid well-proven improvement compared to lime charged through the roof or into the scrap bucket. Additionally, injection of powdered reactants generates a much cleaner shop environment. Therefore, dusty and maintenance demanding belt conveyor systems can be abandoned.

Thanks to the Q-MELT automation, the dynamic regulation of the correct feeding rate of lime and dololime enables a complete control of slag conditions throughout the process. Proper slag management improves slag foamability and dramatically changes the heat input efficiency and the refractory lifetime.


PED 2014/68/UE pressure equipment directive.

ASME code rules, section VIII, division I.

Other standards are available upon request.


  • Dispenser encased in a self-standing steel frame for easy handling.
  • Automatic anti-clogging system.
  • Independent pneumatic cabinet for transported air requirements.
  • Optimized consumption of transported air.
  • Low operating and maintenance costs.


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