REal time off-gas analysis system


The LINDARC™ EVO off-gas analysis technology, with lasers installed on the fix duct, just after the secondary gap, uses the technique of “Multiplexed Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy” (WM-TDLAS) to obtain exact data of various gas species in the EAF off-gas system in real time. The LINDARC™ EVO is used to further optimize the EAF melting process, controlling fuel and oxygen post combustion by Q-MELT.



  • Real-time signal of H2O will prevent explosions generated by water leaks.
  • Real-time signal of CO will prevent explosions in the dust settling chamber or bag house.
  • Possible set-up of gap / dumpers position.
  • Real-time signal of CO will prevent excessive release of CO in the atmosphere.


  • High accuracy of CO and CO2 measured values.
  • Fine tuning of burners settings (best ratio of CH4 and O2).
  • High yield of CO combustion due to precise O2 injection.
  • High system functionality thanks to minimized maintenance design.
  • Fast response time with real-time availability of measurement results (<2 sec.).
  • All readings made on the real off-gas volume (no sampling, drying or filtering needed).
  • Dynamic closed-loop control of burner and injection system by Q-MELT.


  • Maximum yield of oxygen requirements.
  • Low maintenance cost (no filters, no driers installed).
  • Reduced electric energy requirements as CO is combusted in the EAF shell.


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