13 August 2018

Ekinciler Iron and Steel Industries, located in Iskenderun (Turkey) successfully commissioned the pneumatic lime injection technology supplied from MORE in their meltshop.

To improve the EAF performances and to add pneumatic lime injection into the melting process, MORE has supplied two L-ONE sidewall injectors (combined Mixed Swirl Flame 4 MW burner / lime injector) and three MOLI dispensers for the pneumatic injection of material in the EAF, LF and in the ladle.

L-ONE injectors are installed into machined copper bulged blocks with the front panels equipped with FLASH STOP system to avoid damages caused by back fires.


The technology eliminates to charge lime material through the roof hole or bucket charge. Thus, fluxes requirements in the EAF, LF and ladle are manage totally by pneumatic injection with improvements in terms of:

  • Foaming slag conditioning;
  • Viscosity and basicity control by fluxes injection directly into slag/metal interface;
  • Fluxes injection during EAF and LF melting/superheating phases;
  • Cleaner meltshop environmental;

This project reconfirms MORE as a reliable and  innovative manufacturer of equipment needed in the steelmaking industry. Presently, MORE has a scorecard of more than 85 lime pneumatic transportation/injection systems in operation or under manufacturing world-wide.