Order for two strop manipulators placed by Nucor corporation

30 May 2022

The leading American steelmaker chose our STROP manipulator for their Brandenburg (KY) and Decatur (AL) Electric Arc Furnaces.

Unmolted scraps or heavy residue may obstruct the tap hole after tapping. In this context, production losses, associated costs and the risk of injury for furnace operators constitute very serious issues.

Our STROP is a hydraulically swivelling and lifting device used to free the EBT tap hole from any kind of obstruction, enabling fast and reliable operation without manual intervention.

The main features of the STROP equipment are:

  • telescopic lifting mechanism for a deeper rod insertion;
  • remote operation;
  • sturdy equipment;
  • improved operator safety;
  • direct productivity improvements;
  • reduced power off-time.

The STROP manipulator is part of our ZERO MEN AROUND technological packages developed to eliminate manned activities on the EAF melting floor.

Manipulators are scheduled to be in operation by the first quarter of 2023.