MOTANK System in operation at SOVEL (Greece)

18 January 2024

SOVEL S.A., located in Almyros (Greece), successfully installed the MOTANK remote-controlled ram for EAF slag door cleaning in their EAF, aiming to reduce the risk of worker injuries whilst simultaneously reducing power-off time.

Currently, SOVEL produces concrete reinforcing grades in bars and spooled coils, wire rods, merchant bars, flat products, and several other products for construction projects, for various industrial applications with a capacity of 1,200,000 tons per year.

The MOTANK consists of a remote-controlled truck equipped with a horizontal arm which eliminates the need for a man-driven forklift. It removes scrap deposited in the slag door tunnel during bucket loading and pushes the scrap into the furnace, away from the slag door, thus preventing scrap from dropping into the slag pit.
MOTANK is part of the ZERO MEN AROUND technological packages, which aim to eliminate manned activities on the EAF melting floor.

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