Motank in operation at Gerdau Monroe (U.S.A.)

26 October 2021

In July 2021, Gerdau Monroe (U.S.A.) successfully installed the MOTANK remote controlled ram for EAF slag door cleaning in their 124 ton EAF with the aim to reduce the risk of injuries of their workers and at the same time reduce the power-off time.

Gerdau is a North American special steel division which produces high-quality steel, highly-engineered carbon and SBQ alloy steel bars for safety-critical applications used in numerous industries such as automotive, commercial vehicles, construction, agricultural, distribution and energy.

The MOTANK consists of a remote-controlled truck equipped with a horizontal arm which eliminates the need for a man-driven forklift. It removes scrap deposited in the slag door tunnel during bucket loading. By pushing the scrap into the furnace, away from the slag door, it prevents scrap from dropping into the slag pit.

Compared to other systems available on the market, MOTANK proved the following advantages:

  • OPEX reduction;
  • specifically designed for a faster and efficient slag door cleaning and scrap pushing;
  • scrap intrusion into the slag tunnel during bucket charging avoidance;
  • remote operation from furnace control room;
  • operator’s health and safety improvement.

MOTANK is part of our ZERO MEN AROUND technological package developed to eliminate manned activities on the EAF melting floor.