Energy optimisation at Acerbrag’s EAF

2 December 2022

Acerbrag S.A. located in Bragado (Argentina) is part of Votorantim Group and is a producer of reinforcing bars, wire rods, welded meshes and nails.

Since 2005, their 50ton EAF has been operating with a complete MORE sidewall injection system and Danieli Q-REG electrode regulation with excellent results.

In the first quarter 2022, the upgrading of the chemical energy package with the M-ONE technology and the latest Q-REG+ electrode regulation version, has been completed and commissioned.

Thanks to the technological upgrading and the close cooperation between the Acerbrag, MORE and Danieli teams, excellent results have been achieved in terms of chemical and electrical energy optimisation, to improve the overall EAF performance and reduce the transformation costs.

Let’s view the following table.