Electrodes consumption reduction at Gerdau Corsa Planta Tultitlan with Smartec

19 October 2020

GERDAU CORSA PLANTA TULTITLAN (Mexico) has achieved a 10% reduction in electrode consumption in their 60t electric arc furnace thanks to SMARTEC technology .
The SMARTEC is an advanced cooling electrode system supplied by MORE Srl (Italy) which regulates air/water flow dynamically through the electrode cooling rings. It consists of a valve stand and optimized electrode cooling rings controlled by a proprietary automation software during every phase of the melting process.
This dynamic control during every melting phase increases significantly the efficiency and effectiveness of the electrode cooling system, compared to the standard practice of using a fixed amount of cooling water. This increased efficiency in electrodes cooling leads to a reduced electrode and electrical energy consumption without affecting the arc stability.


  • Plug and work technology;
  • dynamic adjustment of the water-cooling flow according to the melting profile;
  • increased availability durability of the cooling rings thanks to a design that prevents clogging and deformation;
  • reduction of the maintenance costs;
  • up to 15% of electrode-consumption reduction;
  • fast Return on Investment (ROI) < 3 months.

More than 50 SMARTEC systems have been supplied since 2018.