Chemical Energy Package commissioned at Us Steel Fairfield, Usa

18 January 2021

We have successfully commissioned our Chemical Energy Package in the new 170 ton electric arc furnace of US Steel Fairfield (AL, USA). When up and running at full capacity, the furnace will be able to produce 1.6 million tons of steel per year.

We have supplied the complete package, which includes the following: M-ONE injectors, machined copper bulged blocks (which are equipped with the Flash Stop System) and also oxygen/natural gas valve stands. Dedicated dispersers have been supplied for the pneumatic injection of carbon and lime.

This ranges from the external storage silos to the electric arc furnace side-wall injectors. All of the equipment is controlled by a dedicated automation system, making it a fully automated control.

Not only is this the 40th Chemical Energy Package installed and running in the USA since 1998, but also the first operation at a US Steel meltshop. Our Chemical Energy Package allows operation with the latest technology, ensuring precise process control, while at the same time minimizing transformation cost.